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The shop and the staff

The shop

Bombus clothes both women and men!

When in need for a new look or an update to your wardrobe – Bombus will certainly provide you with an excellent service. Our festive section offers a wide selection of evening dresses and gowns as well as accessories even for a demanding taste. Our broad selection of beautiful and classical jackets and coats, for summer and for winter, are mainly from European manufacturers. Accessories such as hats, scarves, handbags, purses as well as necklaces, earrings and bracelets complete any outfit you can think of. Our latest supplements to our selection are 50´s inspired dresses, petticoats and tops and the always so sweet Lola Ramona heels.
The shop is always filled with colors, nice tunes and a joyful personnel. At Bombus you will most certainly lose any gloominess and leave with a smile on your face.

Bombus is located at the center of Kemi, Valtakatu 21-23, 94100 Kemi (See the map)

The store is normally open from Tuesday to Friday 11-18, and Saturdays 11 to 15. We inform our opening hours in Google, Facebook and Instagram, and of course in these pages.

On Sundays and Mondays we are closed. If you need service outside of our service hours, please contact us via email or give us a call and we´ll make it happen. You can also contact us through the Feedback form here.

Our online shop serves 24/7. We are updating our catalog constantly, so it is a good idea to reqularly check it out!

The staff

The staff at Bombus will certainly provide you with an excellent service. Our customer service is provided by the joyful crowd of Lilli, Anu, Kaisu and Henrik. Our seamstress, Riitta, does her magic in the backroom. We all love our job and we hope the cheerful atmosphere will catch on to our customers, both in the shop and online!

Let us present #teambombus, i.e. the bombus people who will serve you:


Our dear Lilli has been working at Bombus for over 35 years. It would be hard to imagine Bombus without this artistic, creative woman, to whom every challenge is solvable! Lilli's touch can be seen in the gorgeous shop windows and beautiful decorations. She is also a much loved salesperson and appreciated for her endless calmness.


Anu contacted the merchant couple when e-commerce was just opened in October 2020. She was in need of an internship, and as soon as Anu walked into Bombus for an interview, the merchant couple was impressed! The phrase "I think, I would benefit you" has been unforgettable for Kaisu. Anu is now a true member of Bombus and in her peaceful, reliable way handles various e-commerce tasks, like taking product photos, writing product information texts, editing images, etc.  Indispensable help!
For one of her professions, Anu is a clothing artisan, so she has a strong professional skills related to our branch as a whole.

Kaisu is the merchant couple's sparkling, louder party. She has over 20 years of experience in the clothing business, and has very passionate attitude towards clothing, clothing accessories, as well as her work. Kaisu loves customer service, but office work puts her totally asleep. This is one reason why the construction of e-commerce took a little longer than planned, Kaisu did not have the patience to sit in front of the computer! Kaisu's responsibilities include e.g. purchases and maintaining the company's social media channels. She also loves to plan and implement fashion shows, as long as she would have the time...  since Kaisu always has a 'hundred' things going on at the same time!

Henrik joined Bombus after falling in love with Kaisu in 2013. He was previously occupied in a totally different brach, so the recent years have been quite a turmoil.
Henrik was the initiator of the well-received men's department of Bombus, and he also participates in the purchases and updating e-commerce. In addition, office work, such as bills and salaries, are the responsibility of Henrik. Henrik is a 'stubborn' Taurus. And over the years, the peaceful man has developed to be a hardcore, skilled entrepreneur.